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VA Home Purchase Services in Austin, TX

Is it time to start looking for your first home? Are you interested in refinancing your current mortgage in order to relieve some of your financial stress or to free up some cash? Though a home mortgage is most commonly used for buying a new home, it can useful in a variety of situations. At Unity West Lending, we offer a variety of mortgage options, including for people who want to make a VA home purchase in Austin, TX.

What Are VA Home Loans?

VA home loans are offered specifically to veterans of the military and armed services. These loans offer more generous terms than many private loans, making it easier for veterans to purchase homes. For example, VA home purchase loans provide benefits like:

  • No down payment required
  • No mortgage insurance required
  • Limited closing costs
  • Payment assistance

Other benefits may be available as well. For example, the seller may pay the closing costs instead of you, the buyer, paying them. You are also not subject to early payoff fees that other mortgages may impose.

The VA home purchase loan program is the government's way of saying thank you to those who have served in our armed forces. We encourage veterans to take advantage of this program.

What Other Loans Do We Offer?

In addition to VA home purchase loans, Unity West Lending offers traditional mortgage loans such as:

  • Home purchase - If this is your first home purchase, we can help you by finding a mortgage that fits in your budget.
  • Home refinancing - If you are looking for lower interest rates, a refinance may be right for you.
  • Home equity - A home equity loan allows you to cash in on the value of your home so you can use the cash for projects or emergencies.
  • Reverse mortgage - A reverse mortgage allows you to defer payments, which can be helpful for those on a fixed income.

To learn more about our loan offerings in Austin, TX, give us a call at 888-74-UNITY (888-748-6489).

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