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Thank you, Daryl Koster, and your Team on completing the Herculean task of finalizing the refinance loan for my home. When we began this journey I questioned whether we could accomplish a timely close and a balanced closure to all the loan conditions. It is plain to me we have reached our goal. This refinance loan deal could not have been crafted without the dedicated focus and diligence you and your team invested to make sure I was happy. I'm proud to be associated with such dedicated and smart people who make the painful process on home loans easy to understand, execute and finalize. Thank you for the extraordinary time and attention you paid to this critical refinance loan that affects so many folks.

9 years ago
Hector S.
Rancho Palos Verdes

Stacey Nielsen ROCKS! I don't know how a loan officer could get any better. Stacey was extremely professional and down to earth the entire loan process and never got rattled during the process, even when I took off for a mini-vacation to Hawaii. The Refi Rate she provided was outstanding and the loan was finished within a week of my return from vacation. Stacey will know how to match you up with the best loan + title co. for your particular circumstances. GO with Stacey, you can't go wrong!

10 years ago
Kirby W.
Huntington Beach, CA

After carrying an unbelievably high interest rate for years that I struggled to keep current with, Eric Osuna helped me refinance my loan in an incredibly short period of time & cut my payment by 1/3. He was/is professional, kind, efficient & I am so thankful to have trusted him with my refinance. I don't think anyone could or would have worked on my behalf like he did. I will definitely recommend him to friends & family. HIGHLY recommend. Thank you so much Eric.

10 years ago
Sandra J.
Venice Beach, CA

It was due to Wells Fargo’s lack of response that I choose to take the refinancing of my home loan elsewhere. After researching my options, I determined that Unity West was my choice. To my surprise, I found out just how painless refinancing can be and want to acknowledge Gary Curran for partnering with me though the process. I feel privileged to have worked with Gary during this short period. He answered all of my questions and kept me well informed on the status of my pending loan. I spoke to Gary numerous times over the 24 calendar days that it took my loan to process from start to finish. If I had not gotten sick and slowed Gary down, I am not sure how fast my loan would have processed. My son just refinanced his home loan through his credit union. We actually closed the same day, but he started the process six weeks earlier and I got the better rate. I must give Gary credit, through it all, he was consistently professional and cheerful. Considering today’s economy, Gary turned what I anticipated to be a stressful process into positives. I have never felt compelled to review a company before. Everyone that I spoke with from Unity was exceedingly helpful. You could sense that they operate with integrity. Even my appraiser confirmed what I already believed. He spoke highly of their reputation in the industry and informed me that I was in exceptionally good hands. Since law dictates that there can be no contact between the appraiser and the broker, the appraiser was under no obligation to tell me that Unity West was one of the best in the industry. I do believe I was in exceptionally good hands and would not hesitate to recommend Unity West and specifically Gary Curran for his efforts on my behalf. Gary worked hard to obtain the best rate possible and I am extremely pleased with the loan package I obtained. Thank you Gary for a job well done. It was appreciated.

10 years ago
Diane G.
Newport Beach, CA

Everyone else turned me down. I've got very healthy assets and a stellar credit rating. But shifting into retirement, leaves me with less actual income. The government regulators who what to control every little piece of your life tell banks not to loan to people like me. Under these regulations even Warren Buffett couldn't get a mortgage. I don't know if this is due to Dodd/Frank/Obama or not. But whoever is to blame should be burned at the stake. Don't get me started. In any event I had several institutions flat out turn me down, including my current mortgage holder and previous broker. And my own bank. But Brian at Unity said he had one lender who might cooperate. I won't go into detail about how we handled it, but Brian came through. I'm going to save a ton of interest charges and pay off my house in 15 years instead of 30. Highly recommend them.

10 years ago
Otis R.
San Bernardino, CA

I refinanced my home mortgage with Unity West Lending recently. I am very happy with Unity West Lending. This is a trust-able company and it meets customer satisfactions. The person, Michael, who handled my loan, is very responsible and acts promptly. When I applied for refinancing my home mortgage, it was only a few of working days before my vacation. Michael helped me to fill out the application and got the appraisal done one day before our leave. I was very impressed by their effectiveness. Michael helped me to get a good interest rate and the company kept the rate. They did not change the rate as some companies attract customers with lower rate and raise it later after appraisal. The process went smoothly and we worked together to get thing done successfully. Michael communicated with me immediately whenever needing any documents and sharing information with me promptly. This was very important to ensure that I was be able to react quick and provided all documents the Lender required. I would like to thank to Michael and the whole team for their help to get my home refinance done promptly and successfully. This was by far the best experience I have ever had when refinancing. You can trust Michael.

10 years ago
Kathy N.
Garden Grove, CA

Worked with Stacey and could not ask, expect or imagine any better service anywhere. Had a bad experience with another broker recently and was very disillusioned with the industry. She was fast, accurate and very pleasant to work with. I will definitely do business with Unitywest Lending in the future.

10 years ago
Larry T.
Cypress, CA

Based on a brief conversation I had with Stacey, I took a chance and cancelled a refinance I had already started, in order to go with Unity West. She closed the loan in less time, for less money, with straighter talk, and better terms than the one I had started with L.T.L. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again Stacey :)

10 years ago
Amanda H.

Brian K. performed actually better than I expected, he surprised me with how fast, simple and easy he made the refinance of our home. He explained what the process was, what my responsibilities were and that he would do his best to close the deal within 35 days. We closed the deal in 31 days, this was faster than any other refi that I've done. Thanks Brian for your help. I'll be calling you soon to set up a new loan for a second home.

10 years ago
Steve S.
Riverside, CA

I went online to research refi costs and rates. I had about 15 responses with their rates and fees. Brian offered me the lowest rate and fees. I actually thought he was too good to be true but because he was so incredibly professional and knowledgeable I went with him. This transaction flowed flawlessly. Brian was kind, funny and a master in his business. His response time in getting back to me was amazingly short. I will absolutely go through Brian for all our purchase and refi needs. He is the best!! Oh and also I know I am supposed to mention something that could have gone smoother but in all honesty I can't think of one thing.

10 years ago
Kelly Shipley
Bakersfield, CA

We really appreciate everything Michael did for us during the refinance of our home. He was professional, friendly, honest and very pleasant to work with. Throughout the entire loan process, Michael stayed in constant touch with us. He let us know every step of the way what was coming next. He said in our initial conversation that he would do everything in his power to get us the refinance. Well, he delivered on that promise and we got our loan! The refinance went smoothly and was completed in record time, just a little over 3 weeks! We are more than satisfied with the outcome and the service Michael provided. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone with integrity and who will get the job done. Thanks Michael for the great experience and for all you did, you are the man!!!

10 years ago
Pamela A.
Costa Mesa, CA

My wife and I recently wanted to re-finance our home and our investment home. We couldn't get any of the larger banks (including the banks that we had our loans with) to give us a decent (re-fi) mortgage rate. So I did an online search with my contact information and before I knew it I had a half a dozen calls. Michael Konyalian at Unity West was one of them. After some preliminary discussions with each of the companies, it was obvious to me that Michael at Unity West was the one that I wanted to do business with. I'm a person who believes in genuine communication and following through on your word. Every time I called Michael (if he didn't answer), I'd leave a message and he would promptly call me back. And if there was something he couldn't answer at that time, he would always get back to me in the timeframe he said he would. As we got to the completion of both loans, Michael had come through on everything he had talked about at the beginning of the process. Michael was a real pleasure to work with. Thanks Michael!

10 years ago
Jim K.
Livermore, Ca

We were looking to refinance our home due to the great low rates now in season. After much research and detailed comparison, we finally decided to use Unity West Lending for our refinance. We have been through many, many refinances and home purchases over the years, and I must say these folks are the best and most professional by far. The process was the easiest and most pain free refinance that we have had. Daryl was absolutely great, professional and easy to work with. They are obviously very experienced in the lending field and it shows in the final product. We will definitely be using them again and again.

10 years ago
Samuel C.
Huntington Beach, CA

We just refinanced our house with Unity West. I had checked with several mortgage companies but decided to go with UWL after speaking to Stacey Nielsen and she answered my questions better than the other people I had spoken to. We had some special issues with our refinance one being we had a modified mortgage that was not reporting to the credit agencies. She was able to locate a lender that would do a manual underwrite that allowed them to dig up the needed information to complete the loan info.

10 years ago
Ron W.
Lancaster, CA

What an experience!!! I have never been through a financial lending process that was so effortless...on my part that is. Daryl on the other hand was faced with a challenge, my Mother bless her heart, was very withholding in her information. Would only send parts or couldn't locate statements. We had a few days of really bad connections. Even sickness. I had thought for sure he would have given up. His patience, never ending optimism, long hours and unwavering dedication was a true blessing. A sure pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Daryl to anyone who is searching for a results driven and dedicated broker to assist in their loan process. p.s I even closed within an unbelievable time frame.

10 years ago
Barbera C.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I didn't think I was going to be able to get my investment property refinanced, and Eric not only found a way to do it, but walked me through the entire process, was always readily available and helpful to get the loan completed. My loan wasn't easy to do, we did hit some bumps in the road, but he kept with it, and made it happen. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to get a loan or refinance. In fact, I have just asked him to see what he can do on my primary residence loan!

10 years ago
Corinne L
Huntington Beach, CA

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